Mexico Reflection, David Lee

During Green Grin’s trip to Mexico we learned immensely about the daily lives of the people and their culture. The people of these camps often live in poverty and face many hardships most Americans would know very little of. Initially, we had gone to help the indigenous people however, we left with a great deal more knowledge upon our blessings and the peoples hardships in daily life.

The reactions of the members greatly differed upon arriving in the camps and witnessing the conditions the people lived in but, the consensus reaction was shock. We had arrived that day, September 1st, to help clean the camps meeting areas and to build necessities such as beds and tables. We also delivered them to the indigenous peoples who needed the items most. When the members delivered the items the most common reaction of the people was thankfulness. They thanked the members greatly and seemed joyed that they had an elevated surface to either sleep on or to put their belongings on top of. The conditions of the houses were also very shocking. The rooms were incredibly claustrophobic and people were crammed into it. The rooms were also dimly lit with little to no electricity conditions which would be rare in The United States. Green Grin also learned that these people lived in these conditions while working in the farms for very little pay. Culturally, we were introduced to the people and how they had started working at the farms. The majority of these people had little to no education and were descended from the indigenous tribes that had lived centuries ago. The people spoke some Spanish and no English.

The Mexico tip proved as a test to content of the member’s character and each member contributed heavily to the success of mission. Each member also came back to the Staes with more knowledge had when they had left, especially about how blessed the members are to live in the United States where we have the necessities to life and success.

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