Environmental News: May 19, 2018

Scott Pruitt (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/16/climate/scott-pruitt-epa-hearing.html?emc=edit_ne_20180516&nl=evening-briefing&nlid=7431029020180516&te=1)

First, the Environmental Protection Agency doesn't exactly seem to be protecting the environment. The Trump administration EPA has drafted and proposed a new, less-restrictive set of regulations for greenhouse gas emissions in California. This decision will intensify not only the war across party lines on environmental legislation, but also between the federal government's environmental policies and California's state-level backlash against the Trump administration (New York Times).

Also, the EPA is continuing on its trend of information oppression. Currently, the EPA page on climate change is "being updated": but the writers at the EPA have been updating for more than a year now. Think about it: the environmental agency of the most powerful country in the world refuses to acknowledge climate change as a pressing issue. Must be quite a significant update (Washington Post)!

During our Green Grin camp last year, we discussed environmental justice and the dangerous effects of racism in environmental inequality. The UCLA group Environmentalists of Color Collective are discussing this issue as well (Daily Bruin).

In other EPA news, Scott Pruitt is in hot water, bathing in legal scrutiny. Over the past few months, the Senate has been questioning Pruitt on various EPA responsibilities, from handling funds to actually fulfilling the EPA's responsibilities (New York Times). Some are starting to questions his ability to serve as Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency (National Resources Defense Council).

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