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Environmental News: February 2, 2018

Reading environmental news is often exhausting.

While the incredible amount of bad news seems to reach a maximum, the disheartening news seems to continue. It's important to remain motivated, to realize that change often starts small, and to acknowledge that results are progressive. Below are a list of new obstacles we must go forth and face in the future- even if the results start small.

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1. In a world of scientific revolution, scientific research is essential when combating climate change and alleviating environmental hardship. Unfortunately, the Trump administration has only continued to slash government research funding. This Washington Post article elaborates.

2. In January, the Environmental Protection Agency announced significantly lower regulations of the Clean Air Act, allowing industries to loosen their reigns on their creation of air pollution. The released EPA document is here.

3. Like environmentalists all around the country, scientists and policy experts are frustrated. The Washington Post reports that nearly all members of the National Park Service advisory board, angered and discouraged, have resigned.

4. "National security" is defined as the security of a nation state, including its citizens, economy, and institutions, regarded as a duty of government (Wikipedia). Scientists and experts have proven that climate change is a threat to the daily lives of citizens, national economic strength, and political might. Nevertheless, the Trump administration has removed climate change as a national security priority (a Guardian article elaborates).

5. The Obama administration made it clear: offshore drilling harms the environment and is not a priority for the United States. Unfortunately, he Trump administration has made their position clear by opening virtually all United States shores for future oil drilling. A New York Times interactive article explains.

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