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Meeting Notes: February 3, 2018

Led by Patrick K @ the Nanum Farm.


Danielle, Rachel, Andy, Joshua, and Hye Lynn couldn't make it today.

  1. Recruiting: Please recruit freshmen!

  2. Updates on Political Campaigning

  3. Meeting w/ KIWA soon (January) about starting an environmental initiative/campaign in Los Angeles!

  4. Environmental group partnership (Worm Farm Initiative) is possible! Will have a meeting with them soon as well.

- Possible events/partnerships include field trips to their worm farm, working together for birdhouses/farm initiatives, or collaborating with the environmental campaign.

  1. Birdhouse

  2. Email: Will send today!

  3. Senior home meeting this month as well - Nare: works at a senior home, interested in Veggie Boxes and birdhouses for the home.

  4. Ideas?

Email To:

- Griffith

- Children’s Place in Pasadena

- Public Libraries

- Community Gardens: Research Needed!

4. New Website Stuff

  • New Journal Posts (

  • Environmental News Updates

  • Agenda

  • “Meet the Team” Section (

  • Please excuse the Wall of Patricks

  • Send a pic to Patrick K please

5. Birdhouse Building (30 is goal!)

6. Lunch (burgers!)

7. Fun (for ~ 20 mins)

8. Farmwork (chicken coop, sorting bad/good eggs)

#TedKang #PatrickKim #Meeting

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