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Green Grin Camp: 07/15-16/2017

In July, we had an overall successful meeting at the Nanum Farm. It lasted from the morning of July 15 through the afternoon of July 16.

We talked about the concept of Green Grin as a whole, the battle plan for Ensenada, and the schedule for the day. The attendance for July's meeting included the following: Patrick K., Irene K., Susie C., Ted K., Danielle C., David L., and Stephen L.. Counselors Do Kyung Y. and Danny P. were present.

In our first meeting with counselor Do Kyung (also known as D.K.) we discussed the meaning of Green Grin, and our purpose. In our discussion, we discussed issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline and other examples of environmental injustice. This included discussing the rates of minority citizens living near factories compared to white citizens, the difference in environmental care for minority neighborhoods, and a pipeline that goes through sacred Native American land. We discussed the environmental injustice issues themselves and how they affect us. The conversation included possible action to prevent environmental injustice in our daily lives. Overall everyone had something to add to the conversation, and it was a fun activity.

The next thing on the agenda was the schedule for our Mexico Service Trip, which will happen Labor Day Weekend. We learned more about what exactly we would do once we arrive there. Patrick and Irene are both experienced and helped the group learn what to expect in Ensenada. We learned about building beds, donating out charitable items (clothes, toys, etc), and even a possible performance for the children.

After our discussion with D.K. we had some free time so some of us learned how to belay someone while rock climbing. It was an overall thrilling experience. After a little recreation, everyone got to work. We went down to the wood shop and began the construction of the Veggie Boxes with counselor Danny Park. After several hours of working we were able to successfully create two Veggie Boxes and several bird houses.

After a long day of work the girls (Danielle, Susie, and Irene) made delicious curry for everyone while the guys continued to rock climb. After a few campfire games, the first day was officially concluded.

The second day was as busy as the first. At around 7 AM the guys worked hard to make breakfast for everyone. Breakfast consisted of instant ramen and eggs. After the delicious meal the gang was back at work. We created more Veggie Boxes and was eventually were able to call it a day.

The Green Grin Camp was an extremely fun and educational experience!

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