Our Mission

Green Grin's mission is to advocate for, to understand, and to educate others on the environmental troubles of local, national, and global communities.

Mission 1: An Environmental Voice

Green Grin actively uses its environmental voice. Members write articles, create videos, take pictures, and speak out on environmental topics in our society: including, but not limited to, the Paris Climate Agreement, the Dakota Access Pipeline, the Keystone XL Pipeline, and green energy.


​Mission 2: Community Activities

Green Grin participates in a variety of environmental activities. Some of these projects are Veggie-Box building, birdhouse constructing, and an annual service trip to Mexico. Each activity not only teaches members about our environment and world, but also benefits the community.


Mission 3: Nanum Farm

Green Grin holds its meetings at the Nanum Farm in Kern County, California. Every meeting, Green Grin members tend to plants in the greenhouse, clean around the farm, collect eggs in the henhouse, and create compost with newspaper and worms. Members also volunteer at public Nanum Farm events.