Q: What is  Green Grin?

A: Green Grin is a High School Student-Run Environmental Group.

Founded in February 2017, Green Grin is a high school student-run group that focuses on environmental activism in our society. As we observe and learn about the environmental problems affecting the world, we aim to spread our observations, perspectives, and passion by leading environmental stewardship projects throughout the broader Southern California community.


Some of our main projects are listed below. Read the full list here!

  • Annual trip to Uruapan, Mexico, building furniture and donate clothes in an impoverished minority-race farmer community

  • Work with local organizations to advocate for Los Angeles County environmental movements

  • Build and donate birdhouses and Veggie-Boxes to community gardens and other local community centers

  • Read, update, and spread awareness on local, national, and global environmental issues (Check out The Journal !)